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My Mini Casa shared the stage with Amazon, IBM, Cisco and other top companies to receive a World Pillar Award!

World Pillar Award ~ My Mini Casa 

My Mini Casa A Human 2 Human company.

When you have everything you could ever want and more, what would you do for your 35th Birthday?!?

Maybe go help a community struck by a hurricane get back on their feet and invite all your coolest agents to join you.

Hurricane Michael (Panama City, FL)

The agents are the magic and they all participate in making the communities and the dreams the real thing. Here is one of our very own 8 months ago showing us how she does it. 

Iwalani loves crafts and spending time with her kids & husband. She visited corporate office this last year and told us she never would have imagined that containers would do for her and her family all that they have.

Why do a project besides for kid’s cancers? Product exposure, company exposure, and human exposure! We have a vision for the industry, this year we have nominated over 93 innovative & smart companies for big awards and prizes.  For example, a $200K prize called Ivory InnovationsGreen Builder Award, and the Affordable Housing Vanguard Award. 

We also are well connected in the production side of the business with appearances on several shows, and not just our containers, our agents were asked to be in them too by Stackwallin (Producer Jeff Karinja). Due to our Humanitarian side of the industry, we have a long list of movie television stars and athletes we work with. It is our goal to continue to bring influencers, builders, architects, city officials, foreign governments, engineers, designers, realtors, developers, investors, and our amazing industry visionaries together to solve big ideas!

In the event you need help with marketing we can provide that for you. We work with people of all skill levels with one common goal to help make the world a better place for everyone in it!

We have trained more amazing container sales people in the world then any other company. We will even train your sells staff at your company how to sell or rent containers as an added revenue stream. 

 (Sunbelts Job Utility Storage Line)

98.3% of our agents never sold a container before learning from our program.

Most agents have never done sales before learning containers in our easy to learn free to get started programs. There is a reason that the container industry comes to us to get their people trained, or to sell and list their products with our network of agents.

Aaron & Julie Peterson were married for 5 years when trying to get pregnanat was no longer fun. They tried everything you can imagine other then going to a fertility doctor as they new that route was expensive. When they finally went in for consoultation they found out what they had already heard from others that infertility testing is not paid for by most insurances and its expensive just to find out what is wrong. Julie was told by her gyno she had a tiltied uteras long ago. The fertility doctors at Reproductive Care Centers in Sandy, UT said, "A titled uteras is not reason enough". Aaron went in for his test and it came back zero on mobility and zero on count. The Doctors had him tested again just to make sure. There was some good news at this point. Aaron went to see a Uraligist specialist that was covered by insurance. The good news was it was covered by insurance. We had spent $4K already just in tests.

Aaron at the uraligist found out after waiting 2 months that he had Klienfelters Syndrome a somewhat rare Male genetic disease also known as 47XXY. This was a pretty hard thing to deal with for him at the time even though he will never tell anyone that. Aaron you will come to find tend to burry his emotions in his work. Although he has become better at sharing them at times. He and Julie live a very transparent life mostly displayed on social media with fun activities. They love and care about all the agents of My Mini Casa as well as other relationships they gain through coaching others through the hardships that infertility or disease can cause on a marriage and a family. 

After being diagnosed Aaron & Julie decided to try for kids by going the route of sperm donor. This is a "very fun" process you may here them say at times. First you select the father by charcteristics height, eye color, ethenticity, college, and a few other options. However, if you want photos that cost extra. You then get to decide, IUI, ICI, or IVF they all very in cost. Aaron & Julie decided on IUI as the route. 8 tries it took and a lot of emotions. Shots in the stomach, lots of hormones, and a lot of praying. Julie at this point started finding emotional help for seeing all the other people on Facebook getting pregnant. She is still friends with many woman accross the country (FB Infertility Help Groups

After 3 miscarriages, a D&C, and 8 failed attempts $78,342.18 in bills. Julie & Aaron have 3 amazing children they love and adore. You will meet them too, or see them on social media as they teach and talk about raising kids. They ask advice too and learn from this fun & challenging experiance along side their comunity and friends. 

Aaron sold containers on the side of a full time job for 5 years to pay for infertility. He then went full time containers on May 2nd, 2016. 6 days after his wife gave birth to twins who spent a month in the NICU. Aaron had a 2 hand push after being terminated from a startup company where he was the President. The company was expecting to send him on 6 weeks paternity leave, but when Jordan & Hunter stopped growing they had to move to emergancy C-section and come early. Aaron was let go from his job as an executive. He often would sit with his children in the NICU pondering on what steps he would take next. Then on the weekend sneak in a hike with his 3 year old in the backpack to clear his mind in mother nature. His second love.

With the emotions of the weight of the world on his shoulders. Aaron did the only thing he knew how to. He hid his emotions and decided to sell containers full time rather then just a side hustle. Aaron would sell in the day and spend the nights in the NICU talking to other parents about their kids and their goals in life. Aaron always thinks of others and how they are feeling. Aaron came up with the plan in the waiting rooms of the NICU and the hospital cafaterias. He would build a software that teaches people in need at all different stages of life and skills how to sell containers on the side of their busy lives trying to make ends meat. 

My Mini Casa is built to be a tool that teaches you the skills that when you get in a bind or life throws and emergency at you, that you can jump on and sell a few items to get by. Life is meant to be lived to its fullest and not with the concerns of debt and emergencies. We look forward to having you a part of the team. Most people learn how to do this in an hour a day. Click here to get started now!

Just some of our amazing team from around the world learning together (below video)